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Consulting Firm

American International Health Alliance
Location: Washington DC
Last Date: September 15, 2011
Email: (Reference:

American International Health Alliance
The American International Health Alliance (AIHA) Announces a Request for
Proposals for a Consulting Firm to Manage a Multi‐Country Evaluation of AIHA’s
HIV/AIDS Twinning Center Program
Date Issued: August 15, 2011
Closing Date and Time: September 15, 2011; 8:00PM (EST)
I. Introduction and Background
The American International Health Alliance (AIHA) is a nonprofit organization working to advance global
health by helping communities and nations with limited resources build sustainable institutional and
human resource capacity. Through twinning partnerships and other programs, AIHA provides technical
assistance using the knowledge and skills of experienced physicians, nurses, administrators, educators,
allied health professionals, and civic leaders.
Established in late 2004, AIHA’s HIV/AIDS Twinning Center program works with US government agencies
in countries targeted for assistance under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and
in collaboration with the country operational plan put forth by the US Embassy in each nation. The
Twinning Center is funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and
Services Administration (HRSA). In February 2009, the Twinning Center was awarded a second five‐year
cooperative agreement by HRSA, ensuring funding for the program through 2014.
With support from HRSA and the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC), AIHA intends to engage
a consulting firm to manage the administration and implementation of a multi‐country evaluation of the
Twinning Center program in Africa. The amount of funds to be awarded to the selected firm is expected
to total approximately $200,000; of this total, approximately $50,000 may be reserved for the consulting
team’s travel and logistical expenses, which will be managed by AIHA administrative staff.
II. Objectives and Scope of the Evaluation
The purpose of the evaluation is to measure the achievements of the Twinning Center program across
the continent of Africa, assess the “added value” that twinning partnerships might provide in health
systems strengthening activities, identify any promising twinning partnership approaches for potential
replication and scale‐up, and recommend program strategy revisions that are responsive to both
existing, as well as anticipated, field needs. The consultant team will visit three (3) to five (5) countries
for quantitative and qualitative data collection around Twinning Center activities, achievements, and
lessons learned. The selected firm will collaborate with AIHA to recruit an appropriate consultant team
with sound technical qualifications; both AIHA and HRSA will play a participatory role in structuring and
implementing the evaluation, including research objectives, survey instruments, and final report format.
For reference, a preliminary SOW may be obtained from AIHA using the contact information and URL
listed below. Once the Team has been engaged and the multi‐country research clearance process
required by HRSA/CDC has been completed, the evaluation itself is expected to be undertaken within a
period of approximately four (4) calendar months, including all subsequent phases of the project (data
collection and field visits; analysis; report writing; and dissemination).
III. Request for Proposals to Manage a Multi‐Country Evaluation of the Twinning Center Program
AIHA invites eligible consulting firms to respond to this request to manage the overall evaluation process
as described in the evaluation SOW. Key activities will include the recruitment of an evaluation team;
the direct management of the research clearance process required by HRSA/CDC (including CDC and incountry
approvals); overall project management and accountability for expected evaluation activities
and deliverables; and the production of a final evaluation report. Interested firms should provide
information indicating that they are qualified to perform the work (including descriptions of similar
assignments the firm has managed, evidence of experience managing multi‐country project evaluations,
sound administrative processes and technical capabilities, knowledge of evaluation protocols and
logistics, etc). In addition, interested firms should address the following key areas of experience within
their proposal narratives:
 Experience in recruiting and selecting relevant international health subject matter experts
(SMEs) for evaluation assignments in collaboration with clients;
 Experience in managing efforts and outputs of a multi‐person evaluation team in a project
management capacity;
 Experience in oversight and coordination of a multi‐country evaluation, including research
clearance submission processes, administrative scheduling and logistics, and engagement with
USG in‐country staff; and
 Experience in completing complex assignments on time and within budget, including the ability
to deliver a high‐quality report incorporating feedback from multiple stakeholders.
IV. Proposal Length and Format
Solicitation for interested applicants is through submission of a brief proposal. The narrative section of
the proposal must be written in English and should not exceed 10 pages (8 ½ x 11 paper size, easily
readable typeface, 11‐point font, single‐spaced with one‐inch margins). The proposal must include the
following sections:
1. Cover Sheet: Indicate title of the proposal, institutional identification, and contact information
(name, title, address, telephone, fax number, and e‐mail of primary contact person) of the
proposed lead consulting firm and any affiliated organizations, as appropriate.
2. Description of organizational and personnel capacity: Provide a brief description, including
legal or registration status, of the consulting firm and describe how the strengths of the
organization match up with the needs described within this document. Describe applicant’s
previous activities and concrete results that are pertinent to the proposed evaluation activities.
3. Narrative Section: Based on information contained in this request for proposals and the
preliminary SOW for the evaluation team, the applicant is asked to describe the technical
resources available to meet the needs outlined in the key areas of experience listed in Section III
and any feedback on possible approaches to completing the evaluation activity described in this
request and within the preliminary SOW.
4. Key Project Personnel and Suggested Evaluation Team Consultants: Please provide AIHA with a
list of any key personnel or suggested technical consultants available for the evaluation,
including the project manager and any proposed evaluation team members. Please note that
the actual recruitment process for evaluation team members will involve input and feedback
from both AIHA and HRSA.
Note that the cover page and any other attachments WILL NOT count toward the page limit.
V. Proposal Review
Proposals will be reviewed and rated by an internal AIHA review committee. Applicants may be asked to
answer questions of clarification. The following key factors will be considered in selecting the successful
 General [15 Points]
o Clear understanding of the proposed evaluation and the associated activities required
to ensure the success of the project.
o Clear understanding of AIHA’s HIV/AIDS Twinning Center and the partnership model.
o Insightful clarifications or innovations related to the technical and/or administrative
approach to conduct the evaluation as presented by the Applicant.
 Organizational and Personnel Capability and Experience [40 Points]
o Documented ability to deliver complex, multi‐country program evaluations.
o Evidence of strong project management capabilities.
o Evidence of strong financial management capability and internal controls.
o Appropriate qualifications and relevant experience of key individuals involved in
managing the evaluation activity (Project Personnel qualifications from Proposal Section
4 will be considered).
 Technical Proposal/Narrative [45 Points]
o Ability to outline a cogent approach for managing the evaluation activity as described in
the preliminary SOW.
o Demonstrated experience in recruiting and selecting relevant international health
subject matter experts (SMEs) for evaluation assignments in collaboration with clients.
o Experience in completing international research clearance processes in a timely fashion,
including local and international institutional review board (IRB) clearances.
o Demonstrated experience in managing efforts and outputs of a multi‐person evaluation
o Demonstrated experience in providing logistical oversight and coordination of a multicountry
o Demonstrated experience in completing complex assignments, including the ability to
deliver a high‐quality report incorporating feedback from multiple stakeholders.
VI. Guidance and Support for Interested Firms
Applicants may obtain additional information and guidance in the following ways:
A copy of a preliminary SOW for the evaluation activity (subject to change) is available here:
AIHA’s Web site at contains information about AIHA, its partnership philosophy,
institutional structure, and past experience in facilitating partnerships. In addition, a special section for
this Request for proposals and its supplemental attachments, along with Frequently Asked Questions
can be found on the AIHA Web site under “Funding Opportunities” and “Solicitation Announcements.”
The Twinning Center Web site can be found at
AIHA will accept questions and provide responses concerning this solicitation via e‐mail up through the
deadline date. Please send questions to, Attention: Twinning Center Evaluation
VII. Submitting a Proposal
Electronic Submission: Proposals may be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word attachment(s) to We recommend that applicants include a received/read receipt to the email.
Proposals also may be submitted by mail service as outlined below.
Hard Copy Submission: Applicants may submit one (1) hard copy of the proposal. This should be
submitted to the address below:
American International Health Alliance
1250 Eye Street, NW, Suite 350
Washington, DC 20005
Attn: Twinning Center Evaluation Proposal Review
Telephone: (202) 789‐1136
Fax: (202) 789‐1277
Applicants should retain for their records one copy of any and all proposals, attachments, and other
submissions to AIHA.
The deadline for submitting proposals is: September 15, 2011 (8pm EST).
Applications are submitted at the risk of the applicant. Issuance of this RFP does not constitute an
award commitment on the part of AIHA, nor does it commit AIHA to pay for costs incurred in the
preparation and submission of applications. AIHA reserves the right to reject any or all applications
received. Award of the grant contemplated by this RFP cannot be made until funds have been
appropriated, allocated, and committed to AIHA. Continued funding for all projects throughout their
duration will be dependent upon the grantee's performance and availability of funds from HRSA.
While AIHA anticipates that these procedures will be successfully completed, potential applicants are
hereby notified of these requirements and conditions for the award.


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