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EOI: Providing technical assistance to the Nadi Basin Catchment Committee to undertake an IWRM Governance Review

Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Location: Fiji
Last Date: August 26, 2011
Email:  (Reference:

Secretariat of the Pacific Community


Pacific Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)Planning Programme

Invitation for Expressions of Interest for

Providing technical assistance to the Nadi Basin Catchment Committee to undertake an IWRM Governance Review


The Applied Geoscience and Technology Division (SOPAC) of theSecretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) currently executes the EuropeanUnion (EU) funded Pacific Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) PlanningProgramme. TheProgramme is designed to support 14 Pacific IslandCountries to strengthen their governance structures and frameworks tomainstream IWRM approaches into national planning processes. Through this Programme, SOPAC technical support has been requested toassist the Nadi Basin Catchment Committee (NBCC) inthe preparation of an IWRM Governance Review for the NadiBasin.

The NBCC wasestablished in 2009 with the assistance of the Pacific IWRM DemonstrationProject (the Demonstration Project), implemented by SOPAC and funded by theGlobal Environment Facility (GEF). TheDemonstration Project is designed to “improve flood preparedness andintegrate land and water management planning within the NadiBasin using an integrated flood risk management approach,” and the NBCCwas formed to oversee and coordinate the implementation of the DemonstrationProject.

Further to ensuringthe smooth implementation of activities and achievement of outputs by theDemonstration Project, the NBCC is responsible for planning and coordinatingthe sustainable development and management of Nadicatchment water resources, with the aim of implementing an IWRM approach. On completion of the Demonstration Project in2013, it is envisaged that the NBCC will continue to function in this role.

The responsibilityfor protecting and managing the Basin’s water resources lies acrossmultiple government agencies and communities. However, these various agencies are still in the process of developingcapacity and establishing policy settings, and difficulties remain inimplementation and coordination of the various efforts. In these circumstances, there is significantpotential for IWRM approaches to help address these issues by encouragingcollaboration between the communities who rely on fresh water and the variousagencies who provide the service and others who manage the same.

In this regard, theestablishment of the NBCC is a good first step towards implementing an IWRMapproach. It is a multi-sector body,representing the key stakeholders (both land and water managers and users)within the Basin. Collectively, its members represent the strength, capacity,policies and enforcement powers of the various departments and organizationsinvolved in the management and use of the Basin’s water resources.

Although still in itsinfancy, the NBCC is progressing its long-term plans for the effectivemanagement of the Nadi Basin Catchment area. Issues of interest and discussion in theNBCC’s quarterly meetings range from water issues, land use, floodmitigation and protection, water supply, development plans, policies andlegislation and gravel extraction. NBCC members have supported and assisted theinstallation of water level recorders, a flood early-warning system, initiateddemos for proper land use practices in the upper and mid catchment areas andinitiated contact with communities. Thedirection of the NBCC has also been sought on a number of work programs forimplementation in the Nadi Basin.

To assist theseefforts, subcommittees have been formed to focus specifically on the fourproject components: Community Liaison, Technical, Governance and Planning, andLand and Water Use. One of these subcommittees, the Governance and PlanningSubcommittee (GPSC) has been tasked with providing technical advice andguidance to the NBCC with regards to the governance and planning aspects of theDemonstration Project, and also in regard to the broader implementation of IWRMapproaches in the Basin. Such guidance and advice will empower the NBCC inmaking sound decisions to manage water resources within the NadiBasin.

In early 2011, Fijiparticipants in the Pacific IWRM Planning Programmesought support from the Programme to assist the GPSCto undertake this function. This supportwas discussed by the GPSC, and in April 2011 the Subcommittee agreed to seekthe Technical Assistance described in these ToR, centred around the development of an IWRM Governance Reviewfor the Basin.

The key products ofthe Technical Assistance will not only be the IWRM Governance Review but also,importantly, a strengthening of the capacity of the NBCC and its Governance andPlanning Subcommittee to effectively drive river basin management initiativesinto the future.

These Terms ofReference outline the core activities of this technical assistance; however thedetails of individual tasks and their implementation will need to be determinedduring initial detailed discussions with SOPAC and the NBCC.



Catchment Management and Water Resources Governance


1. NBCC offices, Nadi, Fiji.

2. SOPAC head office, Suva, Fiji.

3. Consultancy home office.

Timing and Duration:

The work is required to be undertaken over a total of 12 weeks equivalent full time (EFT) input over a total period of 6 months (September 2011 to February 2012). This input will need to be split between up to 4 missions in-country, of relative durations to be decided on consultation with the client, with no more than 4 weeks EFT of input occurring from the Consultancy’s home office.


The overall objective of the Programme of which this work is a part ofis to contribute to the sustainable development of Fiji through the integratedmanagement of the water resources of the Nadi Basin.

The objective of this technical assistance is to support the NBCC, andits GPSC, to draft a comprehensive IWRM Governance Review for the Nadi Basin. Animportant component of this will be improving the capacity and level ofengagement of the NBCC and its GPSC through their active participation in thedevelopment of the Review. This“experiential” component will be critical to the success of thetechnical assistance, and should aim to increase the relevance and profile ofthe NBCC and GPSC, along with the interest and engagement of its members.

The IWRM Governance Review should identify the key barriers andopportunities to the implementation of IWRM approaches in the Basin, and assistthe Committee to identify practical ways forward. In identifying these barriers andopportunities, the consultancy should work closely with the NBCC, GPSC and keyBasin stakeholders to examine and assess key elements of governance, includingbut not limited to:

· Institutional responsibilities and capacity;

· Regulatory and policy settings;

· Resources and economic incentives;

· Implementation arrangements;

· Mechanisms for incentives and enforcement;

· Information collection, management, use and exchange; and

· Coordination.

The development of the Governance Review should also consider thevarious elements of the use and management of the Basin’s fresh waterresources, including but not limited to:

· The integration of land and watermanagement activities;

· Flood preparedness and integratedflood risk management;

· Water sharing and abstraction;

· River management, includingprotection of beds, banks and riparian vegetation;

· Management of gravel and sandextraction activities;

· The provision of safe andefficient drinking water supplies;

· Sanitation and sewage disposal;

· Engagement of the community in theprotection of local water resources;

· Water source protection andcontrol of polluting activities (diffuse and point-source);

· Resilience to the impacts ofclimate variability and climate change;

· Conservation of water-dependentecosystems; and

· Water resources data collection,management and assessment.

The Consultancy will berequired to work in close consultation with the NBCC, GPSC and the projectmanager of the Demonstration Project. Inundertaking this work, the Consultancy will contribute to building the ongoingcapacity of both the NBCC and GPSC. TheConsultancy will therefore be required to apply a highly participatory methodduring the assignment, and undertake coaching and targeted training ofCommittee and Subcommittee members in order to better enable their meaningfulparticipation in this and future Basin management processes.

The Consultancy shall perform the following services in accordance withthe terms and conditions of these Terms of Reference, and a work plan to befinalised in consultation with SOPAC and the NBCC.
Assist the NBCC, through its GPSC, to identify and analyse the following with respect to the Nadi Basin catchment area:
Under existing legislation and policies relevant to the management of water resources:

i. Identify statutory processes andtools under existing legislation and policies; Identify the responsibleauthority in the case of each process and/or tool ;

ii. Analysethe effectiveness of existing procedures and tools;

iii. Identify opportunities tostrengthen an IWRM approach (ie; where relevantexisting legislation and policy is not being utilised);

iv. identify impediments to theachievement of IWRM (ie; conflicts, gaps and barriers[institutional, regulatory, technical, financial, etc] in legislation and policy)
Review current operations and status of the NBCC, and make recommendations to improve its capacity to effectively achieve IWRM in the NBC area, including:
analyse and document achievements and difficulties;
Consider whether the location and status of NBCC as a committee within the Division of Lands and Water Resource Management is sufficient;
Consider whether NBCC presently has sufficient authority; and
Analyse the potential impediments to the serious consideration of any future NBCC recommendations as to legislative change.
Design and implement a participatory training programme to strengthen the capacity of the NBCC and GPSC to effectively engage in the IWRM Governance Review and future regulatory and policy issues; and
Assist the NBCC and GPSC in the design of communication materials to assist in raising the awareness of members and stakeholders in the applicability of relevant regulatory and policy instruments.


1. A project inception report, including a workplan and schedule for training activities, consultation and development of theIWRM Governance Review;

2. A summary of results of consultation with allstakeholders;

3. A report on the review of IWRM Governance andinstitutional arrangements for the management of water resources, includingrecommendations on the strengthening the application of IWRM approaches;

4. A report on the current operation of the NBCC,with relevant recommendations for improvements to its effectiveness;

5. Summary documents for communication with Governmentand stakeholders;

6. Delivery of a training programmeto strengthen the capacity of the NBCC andGPSC to effectively engage in the IWRM Governance Review and future regulatoryand policy issues;

7. Designs for communication materials to assist in the awareness andapplication of relevant regulatory and policy instruments; and

8. A Mission Report, to be produced within theallocated time period for the project, detailing clear conclusions andrecommendations in response to these Terms of Reference, and with outputs 1 to5 above attached as appendices.


The Consultancywill need to draw on expertise and experience in a broad range of catchmentmanagement issues, including governance, legislation and policy development,planning and consultation and financial management. Direct experience in the operations of acatchment management body or river basin organisation,and in the implementation of water sector reform, will be advantageous.

This expertisecan be provided through individual consultants or multiple specialistsoperating under a single firm or organisation. In this regard, River Basin Organisations, Catchment Management Authorities, andManagement Boards with the necessary expertise and experience, together with apreparedness to take into account local conditions and culture, are encouragedto apply.


Theconsultancy will be recruited and contracted by SOPAC in Fiji under theEU-funded Pacific IWRM National Planning Programme,being responsible to Ms Rhonda Robinson, Project Coordinator. Overall supervision of the consultingservices will be undertaken by SOPAC, with the input and advice of the NBCC.


Expressionsof Interest are to include:
Curriculum vitae of all specialists proposed by the consultancy to assist in carrying out these Terms of Reference, highlighting experience relevant to undertaking the specific tasks described;
A short brief (no more than two pages) broadly outlining the approach to be adopted in undertaking the tasks;
A brief work plan to match the scope of work required;
Examples of relevant work undertaken in the past; and
An indication of applicant charges per day.

Financialproposals shall include indicative costs detailing fees, travel and otherrelevant items required to successfully complete the assignment. The costs of implementing local consultationsthrough workshop(s), and printing and copying facilities will be provided bythe client at no cost and should not be included in the financial proposal.

Expressionsof Interest with the subject heading:

Expression of Interest toAssist the Nadi Basin Catchment Committee toUndertake an IWRM Governance Review

Expressions of Interestshould be addressed to:

The Director

Applied Geoscience & TechnologyDivision (SOPAC)

Secretariat of thePacific Community

Private MailBag

GPO Suva



and copied to:

IWRM Policy Advisor

Pacific IWRM Planning Programme

Water and Sanitation Programme

Applied Geoscience & TechnologyDivision (SOPAC)

Secretariat of the PacificCommunity

Private Mail Bag,

Suva, Fiji,


Expressions of Interest must be received by nolater than 4.00pm Friday 26th August 2011 (Fiji local time).

Late applications will not beconsidered.

Expressions of Interest will be assessed based onboth technical competency and the total professional cost for completing thework (technical weighting 85%, financial 15%).

Enquiries may be directed to Mr Dave Hebblethwaite, IWRM Policy Advisor


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